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Why Refactor America

Refactor America is the place to jump start your Information Technology career, or if you just need to brush up on the latest technology. Our goal is to stimulate economic growth by helping individuals, like you, open new doors to career opportunities in IT. Together, we achieve this through a diverse set of IT training courses. You receive hands-on IT experience under the direct mentorship of our seasoned professionals. 
definition-of-refactorLike the industrial revolution, computers and its related technology offer Americans the opportunity to start a business or develop a high wage, long term career.  It has been nearly 100 years since the invention of the automobile and the truly innovative mass production and manufacturing techniques that came with it.  Amazingly, nearly half of America's existence has been as a manufacturing leader to the world. 
Americans have lost these manufacturing jobs, and continue to at an astounding rate, which has caused the American economy to flatten. Growth will be stymied until we learn and embrace the skills in the new industrial revolution - computer technology.  Computer technology is a vehicle, like the automobile, that is ready to transport the human race in new directions; with boundless opportunity and freedom from the bondage that manufacturing has imposed on so much of its labor force. 
Today, America is a leader in software and a true innovator in the use of technology driven marketing. America’s e-businesses set the gold standard on network infrastructure, communications platforms, and the user interface characteristics of related systems.  Join ‘Refactor America’ in the fight to improve America by embracing the technology industry as our ancestors embraced manufacturing nearly 100 years ago.
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